A Calm, Clear, Resource Pack

Version 1.20.4+x

Clarity gives you minecraft in a clear, no-nonsense way. Very low noise, very high visibility.

Playing with Clarity is a much calmer experience than vanilla, or even many simplified packs. When there is less noise, there are fewer things calling for your attention. When differences are clear, information you need is easily in your grasp. The visual world demands less of you, and you play with less distraction and more confidence.
The design guidelines are:
  • Cleanliness balanced with elegance.
  • Low noise.
  • Fidelity with vanilla: If you use blocks to create a certain feel in vanilla, the feel should be similar in Clarity.
  • Recognizability: You should be able to naturally know what's what.
  • What is different looks different, what is related looks related.
grass block design

The pack is quite complete, all blocks, mobs, items, GUI, paintings, effects... Almost all are 16x16, but a few are larger where it reduced noise a lot (for example, curved rail). Some particles (such as lava sparks) are left untouched on purpose.

Harvest-ready crops stand out clearly from the rest, and each crop can be told from the other:
You can see which way hoppers are pointing. Here the hopper at upper right feeds the one to the left, which feeds towards you until items reach the last hopper, which goes downward:
Multiracial, gender-neutral villagers with clothes that match their professions:
Cleaner, far less noisy UI elements:
Ores are visible above lava and water:
ores in lava
Redstone is as clear as possible. Here is a pressure plate with five pickaxes:
pressure plate

There are several things which the default textures hide, and Clarity makes clear:

Each plant stage has different images. Here are eight stages of potatoes and carrots, four of nether wart, and six of chorus flower.
plant stages
The obligatory overview:
pack overview
The mob overview:
mob overview

The Clarity Family

Clarity is actually a small family of packs:
clarity Clarity has edges around most blocks to make it easy to count them, and see where blocks begin and end.
continuity Continuity has almost no edges, giving a continuous experience of the world.
connectivity Connectivity is a very complete connected texture pack, using Optifine. It also uses the "random mobs" feature of Optifine to provide over 100 different combinations of villagers in all skin tones in all professions, all gender-neutral.
contraption Contraption reduces the size of most blocks used in redstone contraptions so you can see how they connect, and see the interior blocks of a contraption.
current Current shows you the specific amount of redstone current in wires. This helps you build redstone circuits by making the currents clear!
beguile Beguile is just the UI elements, so you can have the clean UI with any pack you like!

The following image shows the differences between the packs and vanilla:
pack comparison

You can easily see which way the hoppers are pointing!

Here you can see how Contraption's smaller blocks lets you see the connections between droppers and other blocks, including the direction they're pointing, etc.

This shows how Current let's you see the amount of power in each segment of redstone wire.

If you want to know more about the Clarity pack family and its design, you have come to the right place. (I don't know what's wrong with you, but this is the right place.)


The way to get art that isn't pixelated is to find original artwork that is entirely rectilinear. Luckily there are abstract painters who worked in this style.

Of course, at 16x16 pixels (and multiples thereof), portraying these works requires approximations, especially to avoid aliasing issues. You should see the originals or good photographs to get a better experience.


In doing this pack, I was originally inspired by the oCd pack by FVDisco. I liked it at first, but eventually its rigid blockiness turned me off. I started by modifying how far down the side of the block grass spilled, and eventually replaced everything. But I would not have started if oCd wasn't almost but not quite the way I liked it, and my choices were influenced by it.

I also took some inspiration from the Paper Cut Out resource pack by SuperAlgae. Which I really like.

The Vanilla Tweaks site has a lot of interesting ideas, a few of which inspired work. And their downloading model is interesting.

Most of my testing has been done in RestWorld, a resourcepack testing world I created that is compact and pretty complete. Check it out!

Clarity also textures my filter mod "philter", so maybe you want try that out.

I did a lot of my early testing in QMAGNET's test map, thanks!

I did additional early testing in PonzooSaus's test map, very helpful!

Authors: BlueMeanial, with JUMBOshrimp277 aiding and abetting, doing many of the items, and advising on many other points of design and deployment.

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