A Compact, Rich Resource Pack Testing World

Version 1.19.4+x

Current Version: 1.19.4+x

The "+x" means that this release includes the experimental 1.20 blocks that are in the 1.19.4 release, so you can start working on them already!

As Minecraft has evolved, there are more and more blocks and mobs! There used to be a few downloadable test worlds for looking at a pack, but over time these have become much more unwieldy, and so fewer and fewer folks have attempted to make these test worlds, and those that exist are either very compressed or very spread out to accommodate all those blocks.

RestWorld squares this circle by looping. In a single spot, it loops through blocks and mobs that are similar. So they take up a small space, and within that space, the variations are looped. For example, all the ores take up one block, which changes from coal ore to iron ore to gold ore and so on. Each is shown for a couple seconds (you can adjust the timing). And you can stop the looping at any time to focus on a specific ore texture.

This means all blocks and mobs are within a space you can easily maneuver. You can also compare how related blocks look. For example, if you want ores to look the same, you will notice errors much more easily when you can see a proper ore texture switch to the offending one.

A few examples may help:

Several different kinds of blocks.
The various stages of plants are shown in sequence. In the background you can also see some other plant stages looping.
The biome sampler. A single touch of a sign switches between the major biome types.
Villagers can be seen from many biomes and professions. Here you see it looping through all the biomes, showing all the professions in each.

How to Use RestWorld

You start out in the middle, where you can get a control book that allows you to stop and start the looping, as well as speeding it up or slowing it down. You can do these with buttons in the middle, but the book is a control you can carry with you. The book also has links to the other places in RestWorld (see below).

Rooms branch off in four directions. When you enter a room, its stuff starts looping (unless you've stopped the clock).

You'll find controls scattered around.

Overview of the World. (Hover over an area to see what's in it!)
(nothing to see here) Aquatic Mobs Banners & Shields Blocks Effects Fonts Friendly Mobs GUI Hostile Mobs Maps Materiels Nether Mobs Paintings Particles Plants Redstone Start Sun & Mon The End Warden Wither DIY Models

Places in RestWorld

In addition to the main area, there are other destinations in RestWorld:

You can get to these using the book you get in the central area.

What, no items‽‽‽

Mostly, no. If you want to see item textures, you can look in the creative inventory. There's nothing better I can do. Yes, there are a few items missing from the creative inventory, these can be found in the "GUI" room. There is a frame with each such item, a chest that contains them all, and a button that gives them to you.

The other thing about items in texture packs is how they are displayed (the display tag in the item model). The GUI room also lets you see an item in the external display modes. Just put the item of interest in the frame by the armor stand and you can see how they look in external modes. The non-external modes &mdash firstperson_righthand, firstperson_lefthand, and gui — are, well, in your hands. Or your inventory.

RestWorld was built on a lot of commands and functions. In case you're interested, here are some details.

I started this world because I was working on my Clarity resourcepack family. Check it out! .


Authors: BlueMeanial, with JUMBOshrimp277 aiding and abetting, doing most of the aesthetics and advising on everything else.

PixxyKilljoy created the example photo area, for the public display shots of your pack. And it's posted there as a separate world you can use on its own.

keyshujin did a very thorough review and found lots of bugs (not that I ever have bugs!). These packs are interesting, have a look.

JimStoneCraft wrote the script that creates the unicode font book.

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